The Old Mill Project

The Old Mill project spun out of an idea based on the Guilford Mill in Oak Ridge, North Carolina where I reside. We are fortunate to have one of the oldest continually operating grist mills in the country just a few miles away and the site is in great condition.  Unfortunately there are many other grist mills in this state that haven’t been nearly as lucky.  These sites and facilities have fallen into disrepair from years of abandonment and neglect.  Grist Mills in North Carolina were the original gathering places for many of the people and communities in our state. News of the economy, politics, wars, crops and the local gossips were all exchanged while waiting for the corn or wheat to be ground into meal.  These sites played an integral part in the development and growth of our state and are worth preserving for future generations.  I will be traveling around North Carolina in an attempt to document these sites through photography to share the condition of these historical landmarks, all in an effort to spur the conservation these sites and our communities deserve.