Howard’s Creek Mill

Howards Creek Mill can be found at 717 Howards Creek Mill Road in Vale, NC.  Not much is available on the internet concerning the origins and use of the Howard’s Creek Mill.  Based on observation this mill originally functioned as a grist mill and was used up until the late 1960’s and possibly into the 1970’s as a feed mill for livestock.  An internet search provided some information on Dietrich Heffner, who may have been the original builder and operator of this mill.

“Dietrich Heffner was definitely of German descent. He settled in the German settlement around Daniel Warlick’s Mill and the Schoolhouse Church which was known as the Warlick settlement. The land he bought from Daniel Warlick and the lands he owned when he died were along Howard’s Creek on the branch known as Rock Dam Creek where he built a mill and a dam. The creek to this day is called Rock Dam Creek.” (Heavner History)

The mill itself is in poor shape and is in dire need of restoration and repair. The original water wheel is no longer on the property and the exterior of the mill itself is in need of significant repair.  The property and acreage are currently for sale via a notice found on Zillow, with an asking price of $80,000 (Wilkinson ERA Real Estate).  The listing includes a notice that the mill machines are still intact and can be negotiated.